Coming out of quarantine, many of us are having to take a fresh look at some of our unhealthy habits and determine what we need to do to establish some healthy ones. So, the question is: How do I successfully adopt a new healthy habit? In an article by Patricia Corrigan, she asks that very question.

It seems to me that almost every day there is yet again something new I should be adding to my routine to ensure I am living my best life! Patricia Corrigan states, “Once you make a decision to form a new habit, figure out a way to make it fun, because the initial motivation is hard to maintain.” Dr. Andrew Freeman, director of clinical cardiology at National Jewish Health in Denver points out that three-quarters of chronic diseases (including obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure) can be triggered by lifestyle choices.

Truthfully, it can be daunting to figure out where to start! I thought for the next couple of issues I would discuss a healthy habit. This month it is movement. I had the opportunity to catch up with my friend Ashley Phelps. We were discussing how important exercise is to the health and well-being for everyone but increasingly so for those over the age of 60! Yikes, that’s me and the people I care for in long-term care! So, of course, I had questions:

Ashley, for people that may not know you, share a bit about yourself and how you came to be involved with Senior Fitness.

Initially, I was working full-time in a corporate setting, and I became interested in improving my flexibility, fitness, and movement. That turned into an obsession, which became my passion.

While recovering from traumatic brain injury, I found the balance through yoga and meditation! My equilibrium was significantly changed after the injury, and I had to learn how to “restock” my tool belt with keeping my left-side body and right-side body strong. I feel strongly about always growing and expanding my knowledge by keeping up to date with new education to work with all ages.

I discovered a perfect franchise that aligned with my career path. I have owned Live 2B Healthy for over two years. When not working with seniors, I enjoy cycling and going on adventures with my three-year-old son, Theodore. 

What are your key priorities for working with the aging population?

At Live 2B Healthy we have a laser focus on the senior population.

    • We strive to have trainers that add energy within the 45 minutes thereby helping seniors disconnect from worries and focus internally.
    • Creativity is great for variety, and no two fitness classes are the same.
    • We prioritize assisting participants by working with full body balance and addressing muscle confusion.
    • Educating trainers regarding dementia personalities and how to be responsive.
    • Showing an overall respect for seniors, seems simple yet having a general understanding of seniors past and present needs is essential! 

What do you feel is most helpful and/or needed for all of us to know about physical activity?

General physical movement needs to be a focus. Often, we as a society are reactive, or waiting for things to unfold before responding. By holding seniors to a higher standard, each individual is able to live longer with a preventive approach. Seniors can live confidently by adding a fitness and movement regimen.

The best recommendation is a minimum of movement forty-five minutes three times a week. The most common arrangement with our Live 2B Healthy program is providing three classes a week, with an additional mind-body class offered four times a month. 

Oh, and we offer free Zoom classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00 a.m. Just ask me, and I will get you added!

How can people follow-up with you?

The best way is a phone call and then we can schedule a follow-up coffee!