Civility in the Workplace

I am privileged to work with many facilities that provide care for our aging population. I am confronted frequently by the frustration which employees at all levels feel over the lack of teamwork. While contemplating this issue and my desire to take a fresh look at solutions, I stumbled upon a book!  I subscribe to TedTalk, and they sometimes send me links to talks they think will be of interest. This title intrigued me:

[Being Nice to Your Co-Workers is Good for Business]

I found her talk to be compelling, so I got the book. She does not disappoint!

Teamwork is often discussed by all workplaces, but it is difficult to achieve. After reading her book, I believe that civility might be the very foundation upon which good communication and, therefore, teamwork is built.

Christine begins with a quote by George Washington: “Every action done in company ought to be with some sign of respect to those that are present.” Something that holds us up is not malice but ignorance; most of us, Christine believes, just don’t realize the many things we do that are not just rude but uncivil.

While doing her research for the book, some alarming statistics were found. In the Civility in America 2016 Survey:

  • 95% Believed we have a civility problem in America
  • 74% Believed it was worse now than it had been
  • 70% Believed incivility has reached crisis proportions

Why you should care about incivility/rudeness in your workplace? When customers witnessed employees treating one another poorly, it changed their perception of the organization!

  • Only 20% who had witnessed poor interactions were willing to consider using services in the future.
  • Almost 2/3rds of the surveyed group that had witnessed the incivility said they would feel anxious dealing with ANY employee of the company!

In addition, there are great tools in the back of Christine’s book, which call us all to action!