Those of you that have attended education sessions with me know that I talk about the importance of breathing. So, I wanted to share some simple steps that you can take at the end of each day; if I can do this, I know you can! I find that when I do this, I achieve more restful sleep and my stress of the day is left behind.

This is the last thing I do before I crawl into bed:

Sit in a chair with your feet flat, back supported, and hands palms down on your thighs.

1.     Do a cleansing breath: breathe in for four (4) counts and out for four (4) counts

2.     Now a simple 4-7-8 breathing exercise that you will repeat four (4) times

a.     Breathe in through your nose, count to four (4)

b.     Hold your breath, count to seven (7)

c.      Breathe out through your mouth, count to eight (8)

3.     Attitude of gratitude: think of all you have in your life for which you are grateful. Sometimes after a tough day these might be the way your pet greets you and the smile your grandchild had when they “caught your kiss” during FaceTime. This can also be a time when you pray or read a daily devotional.

I believe in this process and I know that these are simple steps that assist all of us with the daily frustrations and stressors but also improve our brains.